Quality knives for a multitude of needs and uses

The blade of the knife

The options are either high-quality black-on-sides carbon steel or polished carbon steel, or easy-care polished stainless steel. The advantage of carbon steel is its good retention of sharpness and ease of sharpening. A stainless blade is easy to maintain and it is dishwasher-proof.

Wooden handle

The wooden handle of Lapinpuukko products is made from Lapland birchwood. The Lapland birchwood has a beautiful grain pattern and it is extremely durable.

Plastic / rubber handle

A plastic/rubber handle is carefree and hygienic, and withstands dishwasher cleaning as well as providing a non-slip grip for the user.

Leather sheath of tough ox-skin.

Lapinpuukko sheath keeps moisture and dirt away from the blade. All sheaths are handcrafted. Leuku knives include the option of a furred sheath.